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A Death Has Occurred

What to do when a death has occurred in Rochester, NY

When a death has occurred

Please contact us right away by calling 585-247-6361

We, at Genesee Valley Cremation, wish to express our sincerest condolences. Losing a loved one can be a tremendously emotional experience. It can be confusing and difficult to know what steps should be taken, and who should be contacted first. 

If an unexpected death occurs outside of a healthcare facility, you should call 911 to report it immediately.  Medical and Police first-responders will be summoned to the location in order to assist and investigate the death.  Based on the circumstances, Authorities will notify you what steps will follow.  At this point, you should contact Genesee Valley Cremation by calling 585-247-6361 so that we may begin to assist you and coordinate with those agencies on your behalf. 

In the case that a death has occurred at home, while the deceased was under home hospice care, please contact the hospice nurse so that arrangements may be made for the hospice care organization to complete their protocol.  Once that notification has been completed, please contact Genesee Valley Cremation by calling 585-247-6361.  We will gather some information and inform you of our plan to transport your loved one into our care.

If a death has occurred at a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or a hospice, Please contact Genesee Valley Cremation by calling us at 585-247-6361.  Our Funeral Directors will coordinate with the facility and arrange a plan to take your loved one into our care. We will also schedule a time to speak with the next-of-kin or authorized agent.