Direct Cremation


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  • Transfer of your loved one, by a Licensed Funeral Director, into our care and safely to our secure facility**

  • An appropriate cremation container is provided by Genesee Valley Cremation to transport your loved one to the crematory at no additional charge***

  • Genesee Valley Cremation will notify the Social Security Administration of the death and will obtain all necessary signatures and data from the Doctor or Medical Examiner.

  • A meeting will be arranged with next-of-kin or Authorized Agent to review the accuracy of the information which will be recorded on the Death Certificate and complete other necessary documents. We will also discuss any other arrangements or answer any questions.

  • If copies of Certified Death Certificates are required, Genesee Valley Cremation will obtain them from the proper authority on your behalf. The cost per Certified Death Certificate varies by County.

  • We will assist with the creation of an obituary which will be posted on our website as well as our social media for easy sharing. Visitors to the site may also leave condolences on the decedent’s unique obituary page.

  • To honor our U.S. Military Veterans, we will counsel families regarding all benefits your loved one is entitled to and work to secure those benefits on your behalf.

  • Your loved one will be transported to the crematory by a Licensed Funeral Director.

  • The ashes will be placed in a temporary urn and returned to our secure location by a Licensed Funeral Director.

  • Arrangements will be made to return your loved one's ashes to you.

* Federal Law requires that we list crematory charge separately. New York State Law prohibits Funeral Homes from operating crematories, therefore we partner with a trusted facility.

** Mileage charge may apply outside Monroe County.

*** Fee for alternative container may be required.

The following items are  not included:

  • Crematory fee - $275 (mandatory)

  • Certified Death Certificates (costs vary. not required)

  • Newspaper notice (costs vary. not required)

Why choose Genesee Valley Cremation?

Genesee Valley Cremation was created to make funeral planning easy and affordable for families. We are not only a premier Cremation Service, but also a well appointed Funeral Establishment that offers all of the same services and facilities you expect from a modern Funeral Home.

When choosing a Cremation Service or Funeral Home, the questions you should ask include:

  • What services are included in the price? Everything we list with our Direct Cremation price, including online obit, cremation container and temporary urn.

  • If we choose to have visitation or a Memorial Service, can you accommodate those wishes? Our facility hosts hundreds of hours of visitation, memorial services and funerals each year, for sample pricing, visit here.

  • Are there any additional requirements, such as the cost of a cremation container? No, all the necessities for a cremation to take place are included in our price. The crematory fee is the only cash advance that is required.

  • What other services are available? We offer all the services and products which a traditional funeral home does, but at more affordable prices, you may find some examples here.

 We understand the sacred responsibility that families bestow upon us and it is our mission to give our undivided attention to those families at all times. Genesee Valley Cremation is a locally-owned family business and we take pride in our profession.  We pay the utmost attention to each and every detail related to the funeral arrangement process. Every family who places their trust in our family deserves to be treated like family.  We are proud to serve members of all communities and denominations.

United States Military Veterans may be entitled to various benefits from the VA. Our knowledgeable staff will help navigate the forms and processes involved in applying for these benefits to make certain our veterans receive what they are entitled to. 


Please accept our sincerest condolences on the loss of your loved one. It is important that you are well-informed and we can counsel you through the process.  If a death has just occurred, please click the link above for a guide that will help you decide who should be contacted first. Please call us directly if you would like to speak with a Licensed Funeral Director.

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By pre-planning and pre-paying for your cremation, you are reducing the stress placed on loved ones by eliminating any financial uncertainty at the time of death.  In addition, pre-planning a funeral ensures that your personal preferences and beliefs will be heeded, relieving the burden that may otherwise be placed on a surviving loved one to make difficult decisions while dealing with grief.  Pre-planning is truly the best gift you can give your family. 

Pre-planning and pre-paying for your cremation is absolutely necessary prior to Medicaid application.  We would be happy to further explain the benefits and easy process of pre-planning your cremation.  Call us today for more information.

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