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Cremation Authorization Form

Authorization for Cremation and Disposition Form

This 3 page document must be completed by the next-of-kin or a person who has been designated by a written instrument as the Agent to control disposition. The form must be completed in the presence of a Licensed Funeral Director in order to be valid. The form is meant to be completed after the death has occurred and before the deceased is transported to the crematory.

The Authorization document explains that cremation is an irreversible process and that the crematory attendant will treat the deceased with the utmost respect.

The next section identifies the deceased for whom the form is meant to represent and gives important data to the crematory for their records. 

The next section identifies the person who is signing the Authorization as either the agent designated by the deceased to control disposition in the event of their death or the next-of-kin who lawfully has the right to control disposition as the closest relative over the age of 18.

Page two of the Authorization identifies the relationship of the person controlling disposition to the deceased, asks them to affirm whether or not the deceased has a pacemaker, asks them to affirm that all property that should be preserved has been removed from the deceased's possession and authorizes the crematory to perform the cremation.

The remainder of the Authorization dictates what will happen to the cremated remains of the deceased once the process is completed. Whether it be to return the cremains to the funeral home, enclose them in an urn, scatter them, entomb them or something else, this form will acknowledge those wishes.

Finally, the person in control of disposition will sign and date on page 3, as will the funeral director who has made these arrangements. 

This form is printable for your own records and is hosted at the New York State website at the link below:

 Cremation Authorization Form